Our Advice Process

At GRS we have a wealth of experience and market knowledge to help you get the most from your finances. We use a tried and tested approach to ensure that we manage all of our clients’ financial affairs efficiently, responsibly and ethically.

We use a structured four step process to deliver our advice proposition.

Discovery Meeting

Introduction to our services and advice process.
We'll spend time discussing your plans, attitude to investment risk and possible solutions.

Financial Plan

If both parties agree we will begin work designing your Financial Plan. The plan will be comprehensive and detail fully our recommendations to you. It will contain the costs of implementation and ongoing review.


On instruction we will implement your financial plan. We will complete all documentation and ensure that each element of your plan is set-up as recommended.

Ongoing Review

If agreed, we will monitor your plan to ensure it continues to remain on track to meet your objectives. Frequency of reviews is dependant on circumstances and is by mutual agreement.

Our advice process has been specifically designed so that it can be delivered in separate modules. This means that at the end of each stage you'll get the opportunity to consider your options before deciding whether to move forward.